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Teeth Straightening


6 Month Braces* - for a new smile in six months








*Six Month Braces is a system name and treatment times may vary from 4 - 9 months and may take longer for more complex cases.


A less than straight smile can make people feel low in confidence about their looks and smile. Feeling ashamed of your teeth can affect your whole life, making you less assertive and less likely to feel the confidence to go out, socialise and smile without a care. There are many modern orthodontic solutions to treat misaligned teeth, but many people don't want to be wearing braces for a number of years. We offer 6 Month Braces as an innovative solution to this issue as they are able to straighten teeth in a matter of months. 6 Month Braces work using clear brackets and wiring so that they look discreet within the mouth. They also focus solely on teeth that are visible when you smile rather than all the teeth, meaning they are faster than traditional fixed braces and look much more discreet in the mouth.



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